crepe fabric

Introduce the characteristics, classification and application of a crepe fabric


Fabric characteristics: Crepe is a kind of silk fabric with a crepe effect. By using technological means and structural means, the silk thread is twisted and the plain weave or crepe weave is combined, and the appearance of the weaving shows a wrinkle effect. The appearance is unique, the luster is soft, the hand feels smooth, and it has certain elasticity and wrinkle resistance. It is not easy to stick to the skin when taking it, and it is breathable and comfortable. Elastic silk fabric. The disadvantage is that the shrinkage rate is large.


How to create a crepe effect:

A Use different twists and twist directions;
B difference in warp and weft tension;
C crepe tissue;
D with embossing treatment;
E uses different raw materials, its shrinkage performance is different, and the fabric is crepe after treatment.

Fabric application: It can be used for men's and women's shirts, underwear, women's dresses, women's culottes, windbreakers and down jacket fabrics.


Samples are: shun crepe, green crepe, crepe de chine, crown music crepe, sangbo satin.