Path of Exile Sentinel: the Best New Atlas Passive Tree Keystones

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Path of Exile keystones is unique and powerful nodes in the passive skill tree and the Atlas Passive Tree. In the Atlas Passive Tree, the new Dance of Destruction keystone passive allows monsters in your map to deal 25% more damage, making them easier to kill.

Best New Keystones

Thanks to the Sentinel expansion, there are 20 new cornerstones on the Atlas passive tree. Atlas Passive Tree can deal extra damage to monsters, which means that players will be relatively relaxed on the map, and the chance of obtaining POE Orbs will also increase.

New Atlas Passive Tree Keystones gives you a 200% chance that the map you find will be the preferred map. Unwanted maps found in your maps will drop as base currency items, and their chance of dropping from monsters will also increase.

So when a single focus is active, it increases the chance by 200%. Unwanted maps found while playing will drop as base currency items. This is a useful cornerstone if your goal is to complete your favorite map.

If you prefer small Atlas passive skills to the famous Atlas passive skills then the New Path of Exile keystone is for you.

When you invest in Path of Exile, all notable passive skills, those indicated with a star around the skill tree icon, will be inactive. But it will increase the small passive effect by 100%.

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