NBA 2K has been giving player ratings as they gear up

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The guide below will show you how you can get and modify the Dr. Disrespect skin in NBA 2K23. Dr. Disrespect comes with three cosmetics that you must unlock in order to complete his skin within the game NBA 2K23 MT. Each cosmetic is tied to a specific level requirement that can be accomplished by engaging in with the MyCareer mode.

Once you have unlocked the first three cosmetics, you'll be able to enter the MyCareer setting to modify and customize your Dr. Disrespect avatar. You will get the mustache cosmetic there, to make your complete Dr. Disrespect skin. From the moment you get it you'll have the option to build your character as you like. Note that Dr. Disrespect is 6'8''. You can benefit from when playing the court, by blocking shooters or dunking your opponents.

A good Power Forward build will work well for the two-time champion, but you are also able to experiment by experimenting with other MyPlayer builds. Well, count Klay Thompson among many haters in the world of NBA 2K23. Thompson is not happy with his video game. Over the last few weeks, NBA 2K has been giving player ratings as they gear up to release the game on September 9. And, of course it isn't always satisfied with the score they get.

Some players are nitpicky such as Kevin Durant, who doesn't accept the fact that He's being rated as a 95 (which is extremely high) and not an 99 (which is perfect). But then there are people who feel completely and totally unjustly treated. Thompson belongs in the latter bag. The game dropped a screenshot of its top shooters at 3 points along with their rating Buy NBA 2K MT Coins. Thompson's teammate, Steph Curry, was 99, which is well ahead of other players.