Tips and Tricks for Fishing in Archeage Unchained

This nerfed the value for those that just went looking solely for Marlin spots.



It's good money, but the risk is entirely dependent on the server. We don't know how frequently people will be pirating on Unchained or if people will bother to get into fishing groups for safety. On Legacy, you can pretty much go fish whenever the fuck you want because players only look out for big loot like merch ships.

In the past, you had fishing pools that only contained one type of fish. They changed that quite a while ago, now fishing pools can contain all types of fish. This nerfed the value for those that just went looking solely for Marlin spots. You also can't store fish packs anymore on land (monopolization problem with island land).

Bait Fishing vs Sport Fishing

Bait fishing is used primarily for catching smaller fish. It is also referred to as AFK fishing because it doesn’t require any effort when catching and collecting the fish. Simply press R when your fishing rod is equipped and place the marker out in the water (it will glow blue when place-able). It only takes about 20 seconds, you either will gain a fish or the line will return. Rinse and Repeat. Bait fish are used to craft Dawn Lake Light Essence, you will need 100 of the same type of fish and 10 blue salt knives.

Sport Fishing is where the money is. This requires a bit more work than simply throwing out your R. In addition to a fishing rod, you will need a lure and some chum (two types of chum explained below). A Lure can be crafted at a Handicraft Kiln for 15 iron ingots (45 iron ore). A lure once equipped to the rod lasts for 2 hours, so don’t equip it until you find an active fishing location.

To equip the lure, right-click on it in your inventory, this will prompt a cogwheel mouse icon, making it possible to equip it to your fishing rod. Also, as a little note, make sure both the fishing rod and the lure are in your bag inventory. From my experience, I have had 0 success trying to equip the lure fishing rod while the fishing rod is equipped to my character.

When players in chat, or in raid finder refer to [fishing] [x fishing], or [fishing raid] they are referring to a sport fishing raid. These raids gather together to find fishing locations and share the burden of chumming the water. A big plus to a raid is when out at sea, the more people the less likely reds are going to try and steal your fish.

Chum vs Chum Bucket

There are two types of chum, each serves a different purpose. The Chum Bucket is specifically used to catch salt-water fish. It can be crafted at a cooking station or on a fishing boat. A chum bucket is crafted with 60 bait worms and 40 ground grain.

Chum (without the bucket) is used for catching fresh-water fish. This applies to fishing in-land at ponds and lakes. It can be purchased from a general merchant, or from the store on a fishing boat.

Ground Chum, is a chum specific for fishing around Freedich Island. It’s exact description, “used as bait for Advanced Fishing around Freedich Island.” I personally cannot attest to its usefulness, as I don’t meet the proficiency requirements.

Flexible Rod vs Sturdy Rod

As you level your proficiency, you’re going to be upgrading your fishing rod in order to catch fish more efficiently. There will be two routes, the flexible rod or the sturdy rod. Each has slight advantages over the other.

The Flexible Rod will hook the fish faster but does less damage when reeling in the fish. This makes bait fishing quicker and easier, decreasing the chances of not getting a fish.

The Sturdy Rod does more damage to the fish while reeling it in. Making it the preferred choice for sport fishing.

Fishing Locations

How to find a location to fish?

Sport Fishing is only possible in certain spawned areas. The areas will be distinctly marked with a flock of seagulls circling the area. If you have a fishing boat you can use the radar station on the boat to help with hunting for a spot. The radar appears similarly to checking where a transportation vehicle is located (pulsing circle scans the area).

Once you have located a fishing spot (seagulls should be visibly circling at this point) you have to throw Chum in the water to activate it. The type of chum will be determined by location as we previously mentioned above.

When fishing inland, besides looking for seagulls circling, you will want to find the Fishing Stand. Since fish need to be turned in fresh, the stand won’t be far from the fishing spawn point. Turning in a fish is fairly straight-forward, the Fishing Stand offers two options, sell, or craft. Crafting the fish turns it into a trophy to place in your home. The selling option takes the fish and hangs it on the stand, weighing and paying you with an amount of gold equivalent to the size of the fish.

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