What are the benefits of ISO 18001 Certification?

It establishes the guidelines required for health and safety of employees in the organization.


OHSAS 18001 Certification in the Philippines is an internationally accepted standard for occupational health and safety management systems.

OHSAS 18001 certification in Qatar is required to potentially identify and eliminate all the hazards in the work environment. It focusses on making the organization safe and secure. It provides guidelines, tools, and methods to eliminate the hazards and threats to the workers. The implementation of internationally accepted practices enhances the trust of the stakeholders, vendors, suppliers, and customers. It is recognized by insurance companies, so it helps in reducing the insurance premium amount

OHSAS 18001 in Hyderabad prevents the organization from fines and other legal risks caused due to unsafe workplaces. It reduces the accident rates and other harmful incidents hence preventing the medical claims and loss of working hours. This standard assists organization with their preparation and strategy development. It will likewise guarantee that organizations conform to all the most recent wellbeing and security necessities and law. It is material to associations and endeavors, all things considered, and estimates and incorporates distinctive social, geological, and social conditions. Employees are one of the most valuable assets of any organization and without them the cost of production and time required for production increases.OHSAS certification provides the guidelines and framework regarding safety required for the organization. An increasing number of companies require the company to have good health and safety documentation and excellent work ethics. So OHSAS certification increases the business potential of the organization. It plays a vital role in enhancing the brand image and credibility. It increases the access to public tenders hence it increases the annual turnover. It can be implemented in both small-scale and large-scale industries.It can also be applied to companies having multiple branches in various locations.

The implementation of (OHSAS) implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series requires the following steps to be taken 

Management support and co-operation: Management support and assistance is required to implement the following procedures and management should be flexible to change certain procedures and implement new sets of procedures to guarantee worker safety in the organization 

Training and awareness should be provided to the employees regarding the regulations pertaining to OHSAS and it is necessary because it is done for the safety and security of the employees. This can be done through meetings, emails, and training sessions on a regular basis

Maintaining the records and documents pertaining to the safety precautions taken should be done on a regular basis.

Internal audit should be done regularly and records should be checked and updated on a regular basis and problems that needs to be fixed can be assessed and preventive measures taken should be highlighted

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