Von Miller is a top edge rusher in the top 10 for Madden NFL 22

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The Steelers declined to invest significant resources into the offensive line in the offseason, and this has led to an inability to run despite taking Najee Harris in the very first round Madden nfl 22 coins. Harris was drafted in the initial round and recorded 19 catches. Harris was able to catch 14 passes, and was one of the targets in Sunday's pass game. Lindsay Rhodes had me on her podcast on Monday. She offered this nugget: Harris had 109 yards after the catch that resulted in 102 receiving yards. This is amazing!

And then peek at Ben's Next Gen Stats passing chart that confirms his situation. He's no longer protected as he lacks the arm strength to easily take the ball off the field any more, and this combination has effectively turned the offense horizontal.

The Steelers were set to hang their hats on defense however, the secondary was not as good coming out of the gate and the defensive line, which was the most important aspect of the team, is currently ailing, with many starters out. T.J. Watt was the leading player to be excluded from Sunday's game due to a groin strain. When he was forced to leave two weeks ago, the Steelers defense became shaky and was an issue against Joe Burrow on Sunday as well. It's very difficult to imagine a path that will fix these problems.

There is no concern regarding Carson Wentz's actions on the field. However, Carson Wentz's behavior on the field is certainly concerned buy mut coins. The biggest issue I have for Indianapolis is that they play Wentz too much during the 2021 season and having to trade the chance to pick a top 10 player because of the team not being good.