New World Rapier and Musket DPS Build

Keep in mind that build are very individual. This is the way that worked for ME. If you don't like certain aspects of it, you can change the style to fit your preferences.


It is said that the Rapier Musket combine very effectively, offering an abundance of protection, damage over time and solid range. Musket builds have less mobility in comparison to a bow, but has a bit of a higher damage threshold. That being said, that extra damage depends on your ability to hit your head shots with the Musket. While it may take some practice, you unlock lots of additional damage when you are able to consistently hit them! Both weapons have additional damage over time skills and provide a good amount of DoT pressure to the build!

Equipment load (Medium): Medium armor, in my opinion is the most effective load of equipment for the build. This is the best of both worlds and gives us a decent quantity of armor a good dodge (which gives us 3 dodges) as well as an increase of 10% in damage and healing boost as well as an increase of 10% in duration to our abilities to manage crowds.

Name/Set: We use a combination of set types to ensure that we reach the maximum level of dexterity (300) without too much overload, since the scaling decreases dramatically after that point. When no extra dexterity is required, health is a priority to boost our defensive abilities. It is possible to mix and match the sets as you like, so long that your dexterity remains at or near to 300, as it can be and is in line with all other constitutions.

Perks: Because New World is still a new game and players are still in the process of attaining level 60, it's still difficult to worry about the perfect perk optimization. When players have reached the end of the game and are acquiring maximum level equipment, this column of this chart is updated with the most beneficial perks to the building!

Gems: To make this setup, we went for a mix with Malachite in addition to Diamond gems in the armor. This can boost physical damage reduction as well as damage absorption. It will provide us with an excellent distribution of damage reduction across the various types of enemies in the game. Emerald gems are utilized for both weapons and help us kill enemies faster!

On the Musket bar, lay down traps before you so that when your opponent gets close, they'll be shot at. You'll then need to use Powder Burn and take your first shot, applying the burning to your opponent. Once you have that, take on Shooter's Stance, and start shooting toward your foe. If you are using the Musket keep in mind that aiming for headshots is crucial as many of our passives rely on this.

Once you get close to your opponent, open up Tondo to allow your Rapier's bleeding going. Then, you can begin by using Evade and then lighter attacks to decrease its time to cooldown. Hit them with an Fleche and then an Interruption attack once you're behind them to trigger the automatic critical. Keep using Evade or light Attacks until Tondo or Fleche is back on and apply them to cooldowns.

As you start taking damage, use your regeneration potion. This will help to keep your health in check.

If you've suffered a major blow to your body, you can use your health potion to help recover!

If you're in critical need for health and your potion is in the process of cooling down, take a distance from your adversaries and eat food. As long as you dont get injured and your health will swiftly replenish. Once your health gets to an acceptable level or the potion has been removed from cooling down, feel free to rejoin the fight!

In real life, Rapier is a gentleman's weapon. In the New World... it's a brutal death weapon that can kill and injure like no other. It boasts a very high chance of crit and a range of very potent bleed effects that take away your opponent's health quite quickly. This build will put a lot of emphasis in on the Blood Skill Tree. This allows us to enhance the effects of bleeding, and ultimately take them in to deal the coup de grace (or a decisive blow, if you prefer). If the phrase "death by thousands of cuts" is a good idea to you, you'll definitely appreciate the concept of the Rapier setup.

Active Skills:

Tondo (Blood) The skill lets you cut at a speed that extends the range the blade. Tondo delivers direct damage and also applies a bleed which causes 100% weapon damage over 12 seconds and stacks as high as three time (each subsequent application will also refresh time). It is recommended to use all three of the corresponding passives; Thirst for Blood 10 10% Tondo CD reduction after applying the first stack of bleed, And Again - 25 percent Tondo CD reduction when you only hit one target (this is even in the event that you are blocked) and proper spacing If you're 4 or more meters away from the target, Topndo's direct damage is increased by 100 percent. You should apply Tondo as your opening Rapier Skill, when your targets are trapped (so after you've completed the Musket sequence).

Flurry (Blood) The ability that causes you to unleash a series of five rapid thrusts, with each of which causes more damage. You can stop Flurry in the beginning with a dodge. You should upgrade Flurry by using the four passives, as doing so will allow it to do more block damage, reduce its Cooldown to 7% per hit, and extend the duration of Rapier's bleeds by 1 second per hit and move the target forward at the end of its attack sequence. Flurry is best used following the first Tondo to keep the duration of the bleed in the upper range of. Next, use the Heavy Attack to exploit the Stagger effect applied by Flurry.

Finish and Flourish (Blood) Two-stage ability that lets you execute the attack of knocking enemies back. Following up with a light attack will trigger Finish which is a forward lunge that absorbs all Rapier Bleeds on any targets hit, causing 11% of the damage immediately. The best way to improve your Flourish is to Finish by using all four its corresponding passives to build the ultimate finisher (extra grit, additional stamina gain, cooldown reduction and 150% damage to bleeds instantly instead of the normal 110 percentage). This is your ultimate skill and you should use it in situations where your target has 3 stacks of Tondo bleeds to obliterate it.

Core Passives:

Refreshing Strikes (Blood) When you use this passive, all cooldowns are reduced by 1 per time you make the hit. It works for all types of Rapier attacks, which means light, heavy, and skills (also, it works with every Flurry attack, which means you'll have 5 cooldowns in one this way).

Unerring (Blood) The ability deals 5% more damage to the targets that are that are affected by a Rapier Bleed. If you're playing a build like this one, it's simply a five percent damage boost as you'll almost always have bleeding in play.

The Light Edge (Blood): Damage of both middle swipe attacks in the chain of light attacks increases by 8.8%. This is great, as you should incorporate Light Attacks into your 2nd and 3rd Tondo to increase DPS and get some extra Cooldown reduction.

A Heavy Punch (Blood) Beginning from beginning now, using an intense attack on an enemy bleeding will cause them to extend the Rapier Bleeds by 2 seconds. This effect also applies to future stacks that use the same bleed thus extending the entire stack. When using this passive, you'll want to perform only one Heavy Attack during your combo (preferably after you use Flurry).

Musket is a great secondary weapon choice for Dexterity-based builds due to its speedy blast damage and impressive crowd control. It can be described as the polar opposite of Bow. It's slower to reload, yet strong-hitting. Bow is much more powerful and does more injury per blast. The Bow is about mobility . Musket encourages you to stay still. With a Musket the Bow, you'll be able take on massive damage creatures before they hit back.

Active Skills:

Power Shot (Sharpshooter) is an Overload Skill which deals 150% Damage to Weapons. It does not stack nor combine together with the different "Overload" shots. We suggest you use three of the passives in the Power Shot which include Initial Engagement, which can make you gain Empower for 5 seconds immediately after having a hit from The Power Shot, First Blood which grants you +10% extra Damage to full health targets, and Bullseye that lets Power Shot Headshots reduce its time to cool down by 15 percent. This is your range opener - take your aim carefully.

Powder Burn (Sharpshooter) is a skill which causes you to overload your Musket, causing your next shot to cause 110% weapon damage and then apply a burn affect to your Target. Burn is a weapon damage effect that deals 20% Damage per second for 9 minutes. Effects from Powder Burn do not stack with other overload shots' effects. This is a solid opening ability - it deals decent damage and also applies an unpleasant DoT effect. You must also use both of the passives to get an additional DoT duration as well as damage boost. Utilize Powder Burn immediately following the Power Shot, aim foe the head.

Traps (Trapper): This Skill lets you create a trap lasting for 20 minutes. When the trap is triggered the victim to be locked in the same spot for three seconds. It is recommended to increase this skill with two of its corresponding passives - Trapped Damage - Trap also grants 20% (!) Rend as well as Scent of Blood you can Regen 100% of your weapon damage in Health each time you deal damages to targets trapped by the Trap. The trap should be used following the Powder Burn To increase its effectiveness You should be able to engage the target using your Rapier as soon as it's trapped (if you choose to do this the Rapier's Skills benefit from the 20% Rend triggered by the Trap, maximizing your damage output).

Core Passives:

Empowering weakness (Trapper) In this passive, you'll be able to gain an Empower (5 additional damage % for 5 seconds) buff each time you hit a target that has an active buff on them. The passive is merely five percent more damage at all times, as the build offers multiple ways to apply buffs.

Empowering headshot (Sharpshooter) Successive Headshots will now grant you Empower. This increases the Musket shots' damage by 10% for five minutes. This stacks very well with Initial Engagement.

Hit Your Mark (Sharpshooter) The idea behind this ability, you'll take more damage the further away you are from your goal. This will grant you an maximum of 15% Increased Headshot and Critical Hit Damage up to 100 metres away.

Sniper (Sharpshooter) Sniper (Sharpshooter): A awesome passive that offers an option of a 3x zoom for all musket aim shots. To zoom move your mouse upwards (zoom in) and down (zoom out). The zoom also has a second result of increasing all Headshot injury by 15%%.

The first and most important thing is that you should aim for 250 Dexterity points total. The idea of increasing Constitution by a small amount is not an ideal idea either. However, remember the fact that it's a build for solo players that spends a lot hours in melee. Also, you can get as few Constitution points as you're comfortable with. However, the more you spend in, the better you'll feel in combat. In terms of weight for armor, you should use Light/Medium armor to take advantage of the additional damage they bring.

We'll certainly revise this guide when the full game is out, and we have more time to get familiar with all of the Perks as well as Gems and particular attributes of more valuable equipment. Any modifications made to the guide's content will be noted at the at the top of the page in the notes on building.

This is the initial version of our new World Rapier/Musket DPS build. We've tried to provide all the necessary information about how to set up your character to run it, while also trying to keep the information as simple as it is. If we've missed anything of significance, tell us!

If you're interested in any Build suggestions, please post them in the Comments section below. We'll be more than happy to take on your most-requested build requests in the near future! Also, we hope that you've found this article helpful and useful. We'll also be pleased to receive constructive criticism that can help us improve our future work, so please don't hesitate to give us your comments.