Take on the remaining 3 brothers in the same manner

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The process of training Smithing on lower levels could be laborious. It is best to reach a the correct level of magic before beginning in order to cast the RS gold Superheat magic spell. Start via mine Iron from South-East Ardougne and superheating it into bars. If you have Ardougne Cloak 1 you can run to the bank for storage of your bars and transfer back to the bank using the cape.

If you don't want to mine ores by yourself or buy them, you can purchase the ores from Ordan in Blast Furnace. The crafted bars will be transformed to form Iron Dart Tips, which can aid you in Fletching training. Follow this process until you've got enough Dart Tips that you can reach the Level 55 Fletching.

At 40 Smithing At this point, you're able to move on to another step. Now , you must get to the Blast Furnace where you can buy gold ore by purchasing NPC Ordan. Be sure to complete your Family Feud quest to unlock Goldsmithing Gauntlets. Without them doing this method is far less effective. After buying ores, they should be smelted into gold Bars. This method gives you the best satisfaction, but keep in mind that it will be very expensive. The players who choose to be an Ultimate Ironman can smith Mithril Platebodies at level 68 using the Blast Furnace.

Begin by visiting Karil first. Ask for prayer of attack for strength, attack prayers, and ensure that you are safe from harm, and hit him with your special attacks. Finish him off with your ice spell. Run out. Go to Ahrim. You should still have almost 30-pray points. You can switch to range gear, pray magic (and the eagle eye, if you are blessed with it). Escape when he's dead.

Then, go to Dharok next. When you reach Dharok, you'll have about 1-5 prayer points remaining. Invoke melee to get his first hit, then hit him with ice blitz and then step back. It is normal to get 5 more hits; he'll begin moving after 5th hit so you should be far from him if you wish to get in 5, or else, you can hit him four times before hiding behind his tomb. After a few seconds, go to a far corner from him, and then continue to hit him until it reaches you. Then repeat. Then, finish him off in this manner.

Take on the remaining 3 brothers in the same manner you took on Dharok in any order you prefer. What to do to get out of the tunnels: Depending upon which brother you find in the tunnels, set your quick prayers to the proper protection. When he appears, don't be afraid (you'll get through the first couple hits) and then, quickly fill the prayer pot, and hit quick prayers. Complete him.

The thing that is going to consume most of your food is the tunnels. You must know the way to get there and to the chest as fast as you can. When you reach the final level, if aren't the fastest, take one step back from it, and buy OSRS gold hit the creature by using an ice spell and you'll only have 10/15 seconds to complete the task.