How to deal with insider threats?

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“Your ISO 27001 Certification in Saudi Arabia is good in theory, however, if our computer user goes crazy, we’re dead.” – I hear this very often once chatting with my purchasers concerning the security controls they must apply. And it’s not solely system directors, it's conjointly the road managers, engineers, prime management, etc. – actually, anyone who has access to sensitive info or systems may well be a possible threat. for example, the largest harm in banks isn't done by robbers (with guns in their hands), however by within jobs (with computers in their hands). Of course, a cash felony isn't the sole purpose of those styles of attacks – it also can be sabotage, a felony of confidential company info, sterilization of information, a felony of identities, etc.

Since this can be such a posh issue, ISO 27001 Services in Dubai however, are you able to touch upon it?


Risk assessment

ISO 27001 Services in Saudi Arabia could be a commonplace that approaches security management chiefly from the preventive purpose of reading – the primary step is to seek out out that incidents may happen relating to your workers (but conjointly external partners with access to your systems), then to decide on acceptable security controls to avoid those incidents. In ISO 27001 consultant in Saudi Arabia, this method is named risk assessment and risk treatment. However, the risk assessment shouldn’t be done superficially. If you didn’t assume very exhausting concerning all the dangerous things that may happen, then you won’t mitigate those risks and somebody may exploit those vulnerabilities. Therefore, don’t rush through this step; bed consistently.


Preventive measures

Once you recognize however a business executive will exploit your vulnerabilities, you'll be able to begin designing your security controls during a comprehensive means. Again, ISO 27001 Certification in Dubai offers a list of security controls in its Annex A – here area unit some samples of the foremost common controls to mitigate the danger of business executive threats: Access management (section A.11 in Annex A) – access to sensitive knowledge may be approved on a need-to-know basis solely. In this manner, you decrease the number of individuals that may do hurt, however conjointly decrease the harm if someone’s identity is taken. The access privileges should be often reviewed (control A.11.2.4) – fairly often quite a few workers have access to info they don’t need.

The accounts and access rights of former workers should be removed (A.8.3.3) – yes, generally their area unit open accounts several years once AN worker has left the company… A strong secret policy (control A.11.2.3) or another authentication technique ought to be enforced to disable fraud.

Segregation of duties (control A.10.1.3) – you almost certainly wouldn’t permit one person to authorize giant payments – an equivalent goes for the other sensitive system. Backup (A.10.5.1) ought to be regular; however, conjointly access to backup info cannot be allowed to workers WHO will hurt your production systems the foremost.


People problems

ISO 27001 consultant in Dubai However, somebody with high motivation and skills will bypass all of those security controls and bring home the bacon no matter the agenda he or she has. Therefore, in my opinion, the foremost vital issue is to develop some early warning indicators. which needs a bit additional sophistication? ISO 27001 Implementation in Saudi Arabia First of all, you would like to understand whom you're using – you almost certainly wouldn’t permit some total alien to access your sensitive knowledge and/or systems solely as a result of he or her incorporates a nice credential and a letter of advice. you would like to dig deeper, or as ISO 27001 puts it – perform the background verification checks (A.8.1.2).

The second, and possibly the foremost vital management, is to perpetually monitor what's occurring – each on the “soft” aspect (most of the days you'll be able to observe if somebody is setting out to behave strangely) and on the “hard” aspect – by watching logs (A.10.10.2), i.e. ISO 27001 Implementation in Dubai watching whether or not there's something suspicious within the use of knowledge systems. The 2 will usually be viewed along – whenever you conclude that someone’s behavior is peculiar, then this person’s logs ought to be discovered in additional detail. And the other way around – if you see some strange usage of the knowledge system, the soft aspect ought to be monitored additional closely.



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