With NBA 2K20 selling north of 12 million duplicates

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The matching is very nice and in general you take on teams quite evenly match-up. Your rating as a player isn't the most important thing 2K MT, but more how smart (or dumb) you're playing. It's painful to be paired with someone who does not defend and simply want to shoot 3-pointers, but you can't escape that.

Street basketball looks a little better than last year and, most importantly, it feels like you have a little more control over what your player does. In previous editions you could get stuck in an animated sequence that required to play before you could move on to the next. That's much better in 2K22.

Many new game modes have been added to MyTeam. For example, online you can play the game MyTeam Draft, where you first must select some players you don't have in your roster. That makes the game a considerably more exciting than before.

'The 100' is also an enjoyable addition. You shouldn't have more than 100 total points against your opponent in multiple games. Whoever finishes last (and defends the most) wins. MyTeam is doing all they can to lure users to buy packs of players or player contracts after you purchase the game. However, there's no change yet.

The career model that lets you create your own character and follow an entire storyline is a completely different. In addition to your basketball career, you may develop your own fashion line as well as a music career Cheap 2K22 MT. Your interactions with other people aren't quite as hilarious as the ones you see in GTA however they aren't at all believable.