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This is the part of the cooking guide that can be profitable. Monkfishes have a lot of merit in terms of knowledge and are decent as a source of income RS Gold. They require around 16k cooked monkfish to proceed. This method is for members of p2p (members) and requires completion of Swan Song quest if you wish to find them yourself.

These are believed to be one of the top money-making opportunities after 89 cooking as Sharks are among the most commonly consumed foods in OSRS. It is possible to make them all the way to 99 to make a nice income, however if you're looking for maximum exp rate, stop at the 93 mark. The number of Sharks needed to get to this point is around 11k.

This is a strategy for people who want speedier progress to max level and don't want longer routes. You'll sacrifice the gold in exchange for experience rewards. The process is easy: If you're looking for money, you can go for Sharks but if you're looking for more experience - do Anglerfish. You'll need about 25k of them to finish training cooking and get to 99. It's one of best ways to max your fishing.

There is a method to increase the level of cooking at the fastest speed possible by making wine. It is possible to level up very quickly when you make them as they'll provide you with around 500k exp per hour. This is an extremely AFK-friendly technique The only disadvantage to this is that you have to be spending less than 15mil for maximum cooking. You could be making Jugs of Wine. To make a Jug of Wine add grapes to the Jug of Water. This is a simple method but requires a lot attention and clicking.

After finishing Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest with a cooking level of 30+, players are able to cook Karambwan. This is a specific kind of food which is consumed more slowly RuneScape Gold 2007, which is why it's great for pvp as you can have both of these meals and regular food at the same time.